To Vanuatu with Love

Led by an Almighty Hand,

My feet have stood upon that Land

That God directed us to buy

In answer to a babies cry.

Abandoned and alone it lies

In the bush until it dies

But it was not unseen by He 

Who gave it life….How could that be?

The mother- abused, shunned and afraid

Has no choice….decision made.

Unsupported, she give birth

And lays that child upon the earth

Maternal instinct holds her there

But, trembling heart, filled with despair

Begging forgiveness, she begins to pray

And then, in anguish, walks away.

We’re all outraged….what can be done?

It must be stopped ,so that not even ONE

More baby should suffer this grisly death.

So I’ll plead for these children while God grants me breath.

There’s hope……there is a woman with a GREAT BIG HEART

And a God given vision a refuge to start,

Where both mother and baby, no longer afraid,

For their MIGHTY DEFENDER has come to their aid.

We’ve secured some land, but the sponsors are few

For it to go forward…we’re counting on YOU

To open your purses, your wallets, your HEART

And ‘El Haven’ will be built if we all play our part.                                                                  

By Katie Snyder