El Havens purpose

is a direct response to this universally acknowledged pressing problem in Vanuatu culture: When a girl becomes pregnant from rape,incest or plain poor choices, the pregnant mother will all too often go to the bush, deliver the baby
alone, and abandon it to die.

The primary aims of El Haven are therefore twofold: 1. to save the lives
of those babies and 2. to save the mother a lifetime of regret
Implied in these two fundamentals are several others and no less
• to provide refuge and support and safety for young mothers
facing the challenge of unwanted pregnancy
• to promote family unity rather than separation. The aim is to
have the baby and mother accepted by the family.
• To promote attitudes of forgiveness and acceptance
• To provide security and hope for the future for both mother
and baby
• To provide an industry whereby the girl can experience
responsibility,learn life skills and earn an income
• To provide counselling to help the mother make better
choices for she and her baby
• To find a loving and caring family for the child when
circumstances prevent it being cared for by the birth mother/family.