Suggested Fund-Raising’ Walk-A-Thon Model for Schools


1.The aim is to make the whole exercise fun and useful for fitness. It slots neatly into the PE/sport/fitness framework of any school. It may be spread over months or weeks. Enough time must be given for kids to get sponsors. Or it may fit into a single afternoon. You may choose a single activity-walk, run, swim, dance, etc. Or, if it suits your purposes, you can choose a Multi-Athon approach. This will cater for more of the student interests.


2.The sponsorship card (see suggested proforma) should be monitored closely. They should be collected every couple of days and photocopied (Loss of card means loss of potential funds). Cash donations, as indicated on sponsorship card, should be collected daily. When cards are filled, they should be lodged with class teacher (or other) for safe keeping and another blank card given if student wants to do more.


3. Motivation - you may like to offer a system of rewards for participants. Consider approaching local businesses for donations or prizes for the participants who are able to raise and collect the most money. 


4. Collection of funds. Once event is finished, all funds should be collected in one weekend but no more than 1 week.


5. Bank Details. It will be most helpful if the final funds can be deposited in: ANZ Bank. Account: El Haven. BSB:013 344.Acc No. 221356748. Please identify school when depositing.


Please include the name and address of the school/organiser and we will send a receipt. All funds except those requesting tax deductibility go into above account.


6.Tax Deductibility. If a tax deduction receipt is requested, (Australia only) money must be deposited into:Commonwealth Bank.BSB: 06 2832. Account Number: 1026 8470. Account Name: Lifeboat Community Services (El Haven). For each request, please include:, b.address, phone number, d.amount.


7.Personnel. You will need one person who is accepted/liked by kids to do all promotions. One person to handle all funds. Class teachers to remind/motivate in class. Teachers to help out on the activity day.