El Haven is the name given to this project by Pr. Dorolyn Laloyer. Her vision is to have a building which will offer temporary, clean, and secure refuge for all those mothers-to-be in Vanuatu who are contemplating the abandonment of their new-born at birth. 

Vanuatu is a poor country with no social service of any kind for any one. It is acknowledged that abandonment of babies at birth is common. Tanna chief, Malcolm Raymond, says the killing of newborns is a growing issue and needs to be immediately addressed. 

When a young unmarried girl falls pregnant through incest, rape or poor choice, shame will often drive her to go to the bush, have the baby and abandon it. Dogs sometimes find and eat these newborns.

It’s awful to contemplate - but it happens.

Katie Snyder, along with her close friends, Leon and Shirley Coombs, are motivated to help. Read Katie's story...

Katie Snyder (left), Pr. Dorolyn Laloyer (centre) and Shirley Coombs (right).

Katie Snyder (left), Pr. Dorolyn Laloyer (centre) and Shirley Coombs (right).